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Specialists take an interest in Z Online Auction

06 / 06 / 2018
The Zangersheide auction with the direct daughters of empresses of breeding matches the needs and goals of reputable specialists. The ultimate proof that this online auction only offers top-quality.

Henk Nijhof jr - Team Nijhof

To Henk Nijhof jr one mare was obviously eye-catching. “A Verdi offspring out of the champion mare Liscalgot. It could be a fantastic match. Verdi participated in all championships and won championship medals. The same is true for Liscalgot who became World Champion with Dermott Lennon in Jerez de la Frontera. Two medalists united in one horse. There is every chance the outcome will be something promising.”

Nijhof speaks highly about the online auction. “They do a great job at Zangersheide. They serve an extra market. It operates easily and they offer quality. And I’m always convinced that the latter generates success.

Tom De Craene - Breeding farm 'den Bisschop'

When we ask Tom De Craene about the Z Online Auction, he gets straight to it. “This must be a successful auction”, is his first reaction. “The demand for quality mares is huge, and this collection only consists of high-quality. The dam lines of Narcotique, Usha van ‘t Roosakker and Ratina are known as the very best in the world. We breed with Elite de la Pomme (Malito de Reve, ed), the halfsister to auction lot Tuttifrutti Pommex Z. When performing in the young horses cycle, she caught everybody’s interest. A phenomenal dam line. But it’s the case for all mares in the auction.”

Erik De Winter - Het Netehof

“All credits for this collection go to Studbook Zangersheide”, concludes Erik De Winter. The past is proof that the Zangersheide auctions are successful. They have both the market and the client base for those horses. You only have to be able to offer them, in which Zangersheide succeeds as well. These exclusive mares wil sell themselves.”

Nothing but praise about the content of the auction. “Young mares out of these dam lines, provide prospects for the future. You can even make advantage of embryo transplantation in order to build a future sports career. We cannot deny that these are top dam lines were everybody is fond of.”

Joris De Brabander - studfarm 'De Muze' 

This collection of direct daughters of empresses of breeding didn’t go unnoticed to the cradle of the Kerly dam line. “Yes, it’s one of a kind to get this together. Eight mares, normally out of reach, now joined in one collection”, says Joris De Brabander. “Besides the dam line of Kerly, the For Pleasure out of Ratina Gamma Z stands out to me. Two phenomenal horses combined in one. That horse can change a breeder’s life, if he shows some initiative and is lucky. With the right exploitation and the genetics doing their job, you can breed the world’s best horses out of her.”

It’s not purely by coincidence stal de Muze breeds with Call Me de Muze (Clarissimo Z) a halfsister of auction lot
Fortina Z. “With all due respect, but you can’t compare Clarissimo Z to For Pleasure, which was a phenomenon both at sports as in breeding. Breeders who can afford, get the opportunity of a lifetime. And of course I will also be sitting in front of the computer!”

Eric Goossens - Haras de la Vie

“It is thé chance for anyone who’s looking for a decent broodmare”, as expressed by Eric Goossens. “Checking the collection was an eyeopener. How do you get all this together. Both a professional and an amateur can pull of the biggest score in their careers. Breeding has changed to such an extend that today it’s all about top-level sport. Not that everything else should be abandoned, but most clients are charmed by considerable sport results in the dam line. Then this collection offers unique opportunities. Because even though isn’t an exact science, as a breeder you’d better get started with the best of the best. It definitely improves the chances of great results and an expedient sale.”

Now’s your chance! Space online, check out the collection and place your bid between June 7 and June 12. Further information, you’ll find

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