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Starhorses Online auction

07 / 02 / 2018

Z Online Auction sells the stars from Starhorses

Not any stables won more medals at BCs and WCs for young horses than Starhorses from Albert Peffer. Do you still remember the year in which Starhorses won the Belgian and the World Championships with the 7-yr-old Think Twice 111 Z, and BC silver and WC bronze in the 6-yr-olds with Kannabis van de Bucxtale? ‘That is no coincidence but the result of very strict selection,’ explains Albert Peffer. ‘At any time and any age I am extremely strict in assessing my horses. We will only work on with the best,’ says Albert Peffer, who is now selling all his horses, via the Z Online Auction.


‘I am 66 years old now and have been in horses since I was 8’, Peffer starts his life story. ‘Three years ago I sold my meat company Star Meat and my life has taken a new turn. Agnes and I want to spend our winters in Spain and devote more time to our children and grand-children. This can not be combined with Starhorses; scores of horses and six staff members require a lot of attention. The stables stole too much of our time. Our horses go to shows every weekend and when they jump, I want to be there. I never miss a show, but that began to wear me down. Not least since I do not have a successor; my two daughters and grand-children are not interested in horses and I want to spend more time with them.


It is not so strange that Albert Peffer has chosen to use the online auction of Zangersheide. ‘I still have some 25 horses and to sell them privately would take me at least another year. The 25 horses currently offered are each and every one of top-class quality. I chose the Z Online Auction because I always had a pleasant experience with it. I have bought horses there myself and I am quite pleased with them. Crush Second Life Z (Chellano Z) comes from the Z auction and he later was Belgian Champion of the 5-yr-olds. I also bought Delvaux van’t Prinsenveld Z there, a Darco x Nabab de Reve. The Z auctions are professionaly organised for all parties. And they can achive that because of their fine reputation and wide public.’


Albert Peffer is a veteran in the field of auctions. Even so, he can not or refuses to make any predictions, ‘because it all depends on the potential buyers. You never knows where it will go.’


‘We stop at the top of our career’, says Albert Peffer. ‘The sport successes of our horses are the result of our strict selection. Look at the results in the WC and BC for young horses. At Zangersheide we twice won gold in the WC. These medal winners and WC finalists are now offered for sale.’



The stars from Star Horses, according to Albert Peffer


Navarro UK (12, Darco x Rox de la Touche) was bought by Peffer as a 2-yr-old at the auction: ‘a very competitive horse up to 1.50m level, easy to train.’


Artuur JH Z (12, Andiamo Z x Baloubet du Rouet) was bought as a 5-yr-old: ‘Our parade horse that jumps anything. In Calgary he was on the team and had only one fence down in the two rounds of the Nations Cup, and he did the same in the GP. I discovered Artuur at a training competition. He had only jumped a handful of shows then. Artuur is a full-worth five star horse.’


Idole 111 (10, Darco x Cassini) is the only full sister of Winningmood and Albert Peffer bought him as an embryo from breeder Harrie Theeuwes. She is currently jumping at 1.45m level and that is because I have first used her for breeding. Mr. Idol S, by Plot Blue, will hopefully soon be licensed by the BWP.


Ody STH and Olivia STH are both 4-yr-old products from Idole 111 and they are also offered in the auction.


Isaura Pracht (10, Douglas x Pachat II) only arrived at Star Horses last year. ‘Thierry Goffinet discovered her. A blood mare, who made her debut last year in the Z Tour, which resulted in two victories, one a ranking class.


Jonsaunier DH (9, Vertigo) is a son of the well-known Whitney vd Dwerse Hagen from Patrik Spits. Sire Vertigo is a son of Ogano Sitte. ‘Jonsaunier is our coloured stallion. Jos Ceulemans organised an auction and had an embryo by Whitney and I absolutely wanted a foal by that stallion. As a 5-yr-old ‘Den John’ won the stallion competition and as a 6-yr-old became Belgian Champion. John is a very promising horse, who already jumped at 1.60m level this year. He has ample power and a competitive attitude. I believe that he really is a horse for the big sport.


Lexus (7, Clinton x Lando S) was bought at an foal auction: ‘a horse with a lot of potential, he already won a lot of classes as a youngster.


Landiamo STH (7, Andiamo Z x Darco) was born at Star Horses: ‘He is out of the Darco daughter Viagra 2000. I chose Andiamo Z because I have always been crazy about that stallion. And Viagra was always a very competitive mare under Fabrice Galdini. Landiamo is her firstborn. A real competition horse with a lot of power, but not the easiest one.


Milton S (6, Clinton, Poor Boy) comes from a foal auction: fine type and easy to ride. Maybe not with all the power in the world, but very competitive in the ring.


Crush From Second Life Z (6, Chellano Z x No Limit) comes from the Z Quality Auction: ‘I bought him because of his sire Chellano Z, a stallion that I have always been attracted to. Crush spent his youth in the field and was not the easiest one to saddle-break and he stayed that way in his first years under saddle. Last year we stayed at Vilamoura for seven weeks to prepare for the outdoor season. We took Crush along and he apparently appreciated that. He changed his manner and soon the results came rolling in, Crush was last year’s Belgian Champion. People have always been interested in Crush.


Nyra (5, Bisquet Balou x Wandor) was bought by Peffer as a 3-yr-old at an auction, because she jumped so well. I first used her for breeding and she had a foal by President. Nyra still has to be saddle-broken.


Nathan van Heiste (5, Cabrio vd Heffinck x Contact vd Heffinck): ‘bought as a foal from the breeder because he looked so well. Some foals immediately appeal to you, they steal your heart. Nathan is one like that. Nathan is under saddle.


Nigel STH (5, Effect vd Bisschop x Darco) is, like Landiamo STH, a product of Viagra 2000. ‘A youngster that I believe will make it.


Nepal STH is a 5-yr-old by Kannan out of World Champion Think Twice 111 Z (Toulon): ‘he is the first embryo from Think Twice and he looks very similar to his dam. That is why I expect a lot of him. The bloodline is already very convincing by itself.


O’Neill van ‘t Heike (4, Scendix) was bought at an auction because he is out of the full sister to the famous Valentina ridden by Jos Lansink komt. A very careful horse with a lot of quality.


Olive van de Bucxtale (4, Contact vd Heffinck x Concorde) is a full sister of youth champion Kannabis vd Bucxtale: ‘bought him from the breeder because of Kannabis. That should not be surprising. I bought two full sisters at the time. Olive has the same manners and attitude as Kannabis, a real copy. The same goes for Queen of Hearts van de Buxctale, the other sister. It is truly remarkable how much all three of them are alike.


Pilatus vd Kwade Heide (3, Toulon x Lux Z) is another foal from the auction: ‘I bought him because I always liked Toulon and he is out of a good mares line.


Delvaux van‘t Prinsenveld Z will be a 3-yr-old and he was bought at the Z Online Auction. ‘I bought him because he is one of the last products from Darco. He meets all the criteria and you know how stiff my selection is.


Pastiss van de Celiebrug (3; Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve x Darco) comes from an auction and also passed all the selection stages. That is why we still have him. I believe that he is the best 3-yr-old.


Painted by Jonsaunier STH (3, Jonsaunier DH x Darco) bred by Star Horses: ‘He comes out of one of my broodmares that jumped at international level. Things are looking very well, even though we are talking about a 3-yr-old.


Pacific STH (3, Jonsaunier DH x Darco) is a product of Viagra 2000 and moves very well in free action. He still has to go under saddle.


Daikon vd Fruitkorf Z (1, Darco x Lord Z) was bought at the Horseman Online auction: ‘because he has Darco as his sire. I bought Red Devil vd Hooghoeve (Elvis ter Putte x Canturo) at that same auction. 



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