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Stallion Selection

World-wide Studbook Zangersheide has 637 licensed stallions. The stallions selection always takes place every year in September during the WC. During the Open Days in February the Spring Stallion Selection takes place. Young stallions can be candidates from the age of 2½-yr-olds.

For a permanent licence, the stallion has to show himself again as a 5-yr-old. The jury consists of experienced professionals who have earned their metal in the sport, trade and breeding. A veterinarian team subjects the stallions to a thorough veterinary examination, a first selection to get qualified.

Then the expert jury will assess their conformation and specifically their jumping potential. Since ‘Z’ is a studbook specialized in producing showjumping horses, the latter component receives extra attention. For breeders this is an excellent opportunity to take a look at the future.

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