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Aachen: Nouvelle Europe Z and Check Picobello Z together four times second

22 / 07 / 2014
Two horses defended the blue-yellow at Aachen with great gusto. Check Picobello Z (Cardento) ridden by Eric Lamaze, started on Tuesday immediately by winning in the Youngster Tour, although the score was revoked because unacceptable leg protection was used. Two days later, with standard gear, the combination came second. On the Saturday afternoon, in the Youngster Finals, the breeding product of the Ruant family again jumped into second place. Each time victory was claimed by the 26 year old Irish talent Darragh Kenny on Chin Quidam VDL. In the big classes it was Alvaro de Miranda Neto who on Nouvelle Europe Z (Nelson Z), bred by the Sneijers family, made grateful promotion at Aachen. On the Wednesday-night he had already come second in a two phase class. On Friday in the heavy Preis Nordrhein-Westphalen he did the same, thanks to Nouvelle Europe Z, his newest horse, bought in Europe, as the name suggests, from Faye Schoch.

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