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Antello Z and Amira Z to Pius Schwizer

13 / 01 / 2015
Cameron Hanley is going to lose almost all of his top horses, except for Living the Dream. Pius Schwizer will be the new rider of Antello Z (Animo II Z), Amira Z (Air Jordan Z), Cumano son Newton du Haut Bois and Caretina de Joter. Apparently seven horses are concerned from Eleonore Paschoud and Yves Bouvier, who are moving from Germany to Switzerland with their horses. Pius Schwizer lost several top-class horses recently, but also received many new ones. For the big sport, for example, he also still has available Toulago and Armani The Gun. To train all these horses, Schwizer will be assisted by the seventeen year old Swis lady rider Morgane Dassio. (Source: Noelle Floyd)


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