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BK Gesves: three times gold and twice bronze for Z

16 / 08 / 2016
At the Olympics the first showjumping medals will be handed out tomorrow. In Gesves, in the Belgian championships for young horses, the medals were distributed in the past two days. The final class, the Cup finals for 7-yr-olds, with direct qualification for the WC, was won by Belano vd Wijnhoeve Z (Berlin) under Jean-Christophe De Grande. The breeder is the De Cuyper family from Bever. Only the top three had stayed clear in the finals. And earlier in the BC finals for 5- and 6-yr-olds not many kept their slates clean. Specialists Virginie Thonon and Dieter Laheyne claimed the gold. Bronze always went to a shared place. In the 5-yr-olds Sarah Toussaint shared the medal with Tom Verduyn. Toussaint had saddled Arka de la Hart Z (Arko III), the daughter of her top-class mare Best de la Hart. Annelies Van Gestel and Little Lady vh Eigenlo (Zandor Z) finished in fifth place after a double clear in which no risks were taken. In the 6-yr-olds the Chippendale Z daughter Chavantele Z under Jerom Broecks won the bronze after finishing fifth last year at Gesves. In dact, there were two Chippendales in the jump-off of the BC for 6-yr-olds. Saturday in the BC for 4-yr-olds, the jump-off not on time, twelve combinations in jumped clear whioch earned them elite title. Among them were Vanessa Casais and HG Star des Aulnes Z (Hoegie vh Bergsken) and his sister-in-law Virginie Thonon again, this time on Corsica de Greenbay Z (Calido). Breeders are the Vanhoutte and Chantot families.

Championships for 4-yr-olds – In shared first place :

Tom Bonny – Mac
Kurt De Clercq – Messi van ’t Ruytershof
Marjan De Wachter – Generously Paid For
Tim Van Den Broeck – Malle Babbe van ’t Kieveld
Geoffrey Geerts – Melody van het Hellehof
Vanessa Casais – H G Star des Aulnes Z
Ronald Steegmans – Golden Boy du Val du Geer
Pieter Goyvaerts – Monchhichi
Christophe Roete – Mandy vd Bisschop
Wim Vinckx – Maestro van het Binnenveld
Sebastien Berlemont – Gashy du B-Vignoble
Virginie Thonon - Corsica de Greenbay Z

Top 3 kampioenschap van Belgie 5 en 6 jarigen - Beker van België 7 jarigen - Gesves.

5 jarigen

1. Virginie Thonon – Fidelgo du Houssoit (SBS) 0 – 0 – 37,95 sec.

2. Christophe Verhulsel – Fringant du Calvaire (SBS)  0 – 0 – 40,99 sec.

3. Tom Verduyn – Lyon van Hof ter Boone (BWP) 0 – 0 – 42,94 sec.

3. Sarah Toussaint - Arka de la Hart Z (Z)
6 jarigen

1. Dieter Laheyne – Kaprice van ’t Roosakker (BWP) 0 – 0 – 36,08

2. Thierry Goffinet – Kannabis van de Bucxtale (BWP) 0 – 0  - 36,89 sec.

3. Jeroen Broeckx – Chavantele Z (Z) 0 – 0 – 39,13 sec.

Beker van België 7 jarigen

1. Jean-Christophe De Grande – Belano vd Wijnhoeve Z (Z) 0 – 0 – 42,35 sec.

2. Ugo Berrittella – Sandero (Holstein) 0 – 0 – 43,84 sec.

3. Yves Vanderhasselt – Jeunesse (BWP) 0 – 0 – 49,60 sec.


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