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Bruynseels wins GP Kapellen on new Z-horse

13 / 07 / 2015
Only seven were allowed to come back for the jump-off of the GP Kapellen. Karel Cox (Cor vd Wateringhoeve) was first to go and would finish fifth. The first six riders stayed clear once more, only the last starter Jeroen Appelen (Aikodo Z) had a fault and finished seventh. Niels Bruynseels on Cas de Liberté Z (Cracky Z) from Wim Malissart was the penultimate starter in the jump-off and won, going two seconds faster than James Paterson Robinson (Athene) and Marc Houtzager (Sterrenhofs Baccarat). Belgian champion Gilles Dunon (Fout de Toi vd Keihoeve) claimed the fourth place, followed by Karel Cox and the brand-new Cup winner Bart Clarys (Best MIx Cigane Z). Also in Kapellen Fidel Segovia finished in second place in the 1.40m on G&C Atlanta VG Z (Andiamo Z). Saturday same combination had already come third.

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