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Caritiar Z second in famous Hickstead Derby

01 / 07 / 2014
The Irish Trevor Breen won the famous Hickstead Derby this year on Adventure de Kannan. He has really had to work for this victory. In the jump-off he had to face Phillip Miller on Caritiar Z. In the end they had exactly the same score. Both in the basic round and the jump-off they had one fault. Time proved crucial. Breen had gone 0.02 seconds faster than Miller and so deprived the Chellano son, born as Cartier Z, bred by the Van Der Steen family, of the victory. 35 combinations had started, not one of them went clear. Thirteen did not make it to the finish because of an elimination, fall or withdrawal. Even the fastest rider still needed 155 seconds to complete the extremely long course with natural fences.

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