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Carthago Z dies as 26-yr-old, his genetic material needlessly lost for breeding.

21 / 05 / 2013
From Holstein we received the news that Carthago Z died this afternoon as 26yr-old. Everyone knows that thanks to the vision of Studbook Zangersheide Carthago Z could develop a fantastic career. Under Jos Lansink he jumped in the Atlanta and Sydney Olympics, won the Nations Cup in Aachen, Rotterdam and La Baule as well as numerous Grand Prix.

Carthago Z (breeder Erhard Krampitz, D - Empenwoehrder) is considered one of the most influential sires ever and the most important product of Capitol I. In his career he created a dynasty that is unequalled. Up until today Carthago Z has 73 stallions world-wide active in breeding and is of immeasurable value in the pedigrees of hundreds of international sport horses.

Studfarm Zangersheide has been trying for years to reserve the genetic material of Carthago Z for breeding by means of cloing. The limited perspective of the Holsteiner studbook has, however, prevented this and now the stallion is forever lost for breeding. We deeply regret that in this way the breeder of Carthago Z as well as breeders world-wide have thus been handicapped; we hope that in future one will abandon this tunnel vision in order to prevent such loss.

The sampling of skin tissue as genetic material is but a miniscule procedure and a small investment. The cells can be kept for scores of years before being used for cloning. In the case of Carthago Z this will not be possible anymore. Regret always comes too late and the management of the Holsteiner Studbook is exclusively responsible for this.

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