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Celine M Z wins 1.50m class Amsterdam

29 / 01 / 2018
In the 1.50m class with two rounds, the top 12 of the first round was placed for the second round while retaining their penalty points. The Dutch Sanne Thijssen held the victory in her own country with Celine M Z, an eleven-year-old Crusador x Orame daughter. Thijssen and Celine M Z stayed clear both rounds and finished with a three-second lead.

The victory of the Six Bars was shared by John Withaker and Daniel Deusser. In the fourth round they were the only ones left. The final jump was at a height of 1.90m, but the bar fell two times. The British rider John Withaker won with Leen O.L. (Berlin x Kannan), whose original name is Bellissima Z. The mare is bred by Koen De Waele of KWD Horses from Maldegem.

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