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Chamber Z sixth in the Z-Tour

01 / 04 / 2014

In the first heavy class of the Z-Tour only one Belgian won a modest prize. Most of the riders considered it a warming up class and accumulated time faults. The victory went to Hans-Dieter Dreher (Up Date), hard to beat on time. The less well-known Danish Martin Dinesen Neergaard (Zilagro) finished in second place. Olympic champion Steve Guerdat came third on Lady Limbus (Limbus). Mark Martens was the best Dutch rider thanks to Chamber Z (Chellano Z), a gelding bred by Ludo Bijnens and formerly ridden by Leon Thijssen and Dennis Evertse. Werner Dierckx en Air Power vh Bisthof Z (Air Jordan Z) from Karel Sebrechts finished in twelfth place as best Belgian combination. Air Power was bred by Hans Van Lair, who named his foal Air Power vh Laerhof Z at the time.

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