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Chico Z wins Italian GP

02 / 04 / 2014

The Italian Riccardo Pisani won the GP in his native country at the spring tour of Gorla Minore, beating all the mainly Italian-Swiss competitors. On Chico Z (Coriano Z) he jumped the fastest clear round in the jump-off with three combinations. Chico was born in the Netherlands at the Ligthart family. Furthermore Uzo vh Hobos Z (Up to Date Miltoo) won a 1.40m class under Gianluca Agustoni. The breeder of this horse has the rather Flemish sounding name of Frank Goossens. Uzo also finished eighth in the Medium Tour over 1.40m. Among the 6-yr-olds two third places went to Queen’s Moonlight Z (Queens Darling x Rex Z) ridden by the breeder himself, Arthur Da Silva.

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