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20 / 07 / 2015
Peter Boelens was the first rider to claim victory in this year’s Cycle. On Notorius vd Vromboutshoeve (Nabab de Rêve x Corrado) he stayed nine out of nine rounds clear in the Cycle for the 4-yr-olds and he was the only one to do so. In the 5-yr-olds Andres Vereecke did the same. He won last year on Gendy vd Begijnakker Z (Gracieu vd Begijnakker), bred by P. de Clerck, in the 4-yr-olds and now again in the 5-yr-olds. Nine 5-yr-olds shared the first place. One of them was Carolina du Toultia Z (Copin vd Broy) ridden by Alain Colette and bred by F. Schreiber. The 7-yr-olds bronze was for Ninkie de Vy Z (Nonstop) ridden by her breeder Yves Vilain. 

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