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Darna Z & Giacomo Casadei

Darna Z takes Olympic gold!

15 / 10 / 2018
The new Youth Olympians are known. Between 6 and 18 October, the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games took place in Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital. More than 200 countries and 3,500 young athletes from 14 to 18 years of age, competed against each other in 36 different sports disciplines. Within equestrian sport, both a continental team competition and an individual competition were held. It is the only Olympic sport in which men and women compete against each other.

Riders do not compete with their own horse, which makes it even more special for the participants. The available horses are drawn by lot, so everyone is given an equal opportunity. The courses are built at a height of 1.35m.

The 12-year-old Darna Z was allocated to the 16-year-old Italian rider Giacomo Casadei. Darna Z is a grey mare by Darno R Z (Darco) out of a Caretano Z dam. She was born in Argentina at M. & R. Melchior-Kierkegaard. The third dam of Darna Z gave no less than four 1.60m jumping horses and the fourth dam is none other than Ratina Z!

On Monday and Tuesday the first two team competitions were held. Both the North American team and the European team succeeded in putting down two completely clear rounds. In the jump-off the gold medal eventually went to the North American team, who finished with more than four seconds ahead of the European team, that became second.

The individual competition continued on Friday and Saturday. 12 horse and rider combinations kept the zero after the first round. After round two there were still 5 combinations in the running. Among the candidates was also team silver winner Giacomo Casadei. Knowing in order to win individual gold, his performance needed to be impeccable and fast, he succeeded! Together with Darna Z, he showed off his sixth consecutive clear round. This clear jump-off in 31.79 seconds was good for a three-second lead and Olympic gold!


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