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Gesves: Zangersheide wins in the youngest categories

19 / 08 / 2014
At the Belgian Championships for young horses in Gesves the filly Cross de Lannois Z (Chellsini Z) managed to win the Open Belgian Championship for showjumping foals. The filly was bred by Quairiat in Pottes, Henegouwe. Naïko AMC Z and Indira Hero de Septon Z shared the fifth place. The Medaille van de Koning (King’s Medal), a selection on conformation, charisma and free jumping for 3-yr-olds in Gesves at the BC was won by Colorado Z (Cordano Sitte Z x Utrillo Z) after a second place in the finals. The 3rd place, also for Zangersheide, was earned by the mare Sibelle vd Withoeve Z (Sting vd Withoeve x Flamenco de Semilly). Boss Traenhill Z (Berlin) came fourth. And also in the 2-yr-olds the victory went to the blue-yellow studbook and the mare Angelika Hero Z (Aganix du Seigneur) bred by Luc Henry. All these competitions took place indoors during the BC Finals weekend in Gesves.


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