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Hending vd Bresser best youngster, Delilah Z best Z-horse

25 / 08 / 2014
The Youngster finals at Stephex Masters wwere won by the Spanish top-class rider Sergio Alvarez Moya on Hending vd Bresser (Carabas vd Wateringhoeve), a 7-yr-old horse that was bred by Michel Soors in Belgium. Moya beat Nicola Philippaerts on Harley vd Bisschop (Dulf vd Bisschop) and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (Tequila de l’Isle). The first rider in the jump-off, Dayro Arroyave, finished in fourth place on Belle Tôt vh Zonneveld (Le Tôt de Semilly). The slowest clear round was Henri Kovacs on Happiness vh Paradijs (Quadrillo). The Zangersheide Prize of 2,500 euro for the best placed Zangersheide-registered horse went to Delilah Z (Darco) ridden by Harrie Smolders. This chestnut mare was bred and is owned by Axel Verlooy.

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