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Hugo Cooreman is no more….

07 / 01 / 2013
Horse breeding in general and Zangersheide in specific suffers the loss of Hugo Cooreman, a remarkably modest and trustworthy man in the field work. 
Every Z-breeder knew our foal inspector Hugo. He had been connected with the Studbook right from the star and was the face of Zangersheide. Hugo was the Z-ambassador who traversed Europe every year to identify every foal. Armed with pen and paper Hugo sketched every foal to the finest detail. Nothing escaped the all-seeing eyes of Hugo Cooreman. He stood at the cradle of Studbook Zangersheide and before than had gained an immense amount of experience as studbook secretary of the SBS. Age twenty, just having finished his studies, Hugo was invited to take the exam for studbook secretary for the SbS. He passed and could start working at once, in 1971. After twenty years of studbook experience he moved along to the then newly founded Studbook Zangersheide. Hugo Cooreman knew every breeder, every foal and they all knew Hugo Cooreman as a charming and helpful employee of Zangersheide. Hugo was 62. Zangersheide wishes his family a lot of strength.


Overlijdensbericht Hugo

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