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Instructive breeders evening at Zangersheide

07 / 02 / 2014
Greater involvement and interaction; more than ever Zangersheide wants to stand as closely as possible to the breeder. Besides the already existing initiatives, Zangersheide will focus this year at administrative simplification and extension of the website facilities. Tuesday evening 4 February was the first of a series of evenings for breeders, this time with a seminar from Jac Remijnse, who outlined the importance of incross and outcross. It was an instructive lecture which brought new insights for many breeders. On the basis of scientific studies and concrete examples from the sport, he explained which genes contribute to success. In other words, what it is the breeder should look at for their choice of stallion for their mare. A technical, but an at least as interesting approach to breeding. And of course, at the end of the evening the breeders, who had arrived in great numbers, had a lot to talk about.

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