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Taloubet Z and German team win Nations Cup Rotterdam

24 / 06 / 2013
Good work from the Germans in Rotterdam. They won the Nations Cup, beating a powerful American occasional team and so giving a reposte to the FEI after the Sankt-Gallen disaster. This was partly due to Christian Ahlmann and Taloubet Z (Galoubet A), who made a useful contribution with four and zero points. The team further consisted of Ludger Beerbaum (Chiara, 1-2), Hans-Dieter Dreher (Embassy II, 1-9) and Philipp Weishaupt (Monte Bellini, 0-0). Judy-Ann Melchior (As Cold As Ice Z) did almost as well as her partner with one and five points. Added to the other Belgian scores, this produced a shared sixth place for Belgium, which will not jump in Division I.

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