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The Z resounds from Salland via Vilamoura to LA!

05 / 10 / 2015
The indoor season has started again. Only in France and in the southerly Vilamoura there still is outdoor jumping. Laura Kraut won the first Portuguese autumn Grand Prix. In the jump-off she went faster than René Tebbel, who is in the process of forging a bond with Air Chin Z, formerly ridden by Katharina Offel. In their very first competitionTebbel and Air Chin finished in fifth place in the big tour on Saturday. At the CSI2* in Salland the Dutch champion Leopold van Asten won the highest class of the Saturday on VDL Groep C Tara Z (Crown Z). At the CSI5* competition this weekend, the Grand Slam Masters in Los Angeles, Christian Ahlmann and Aragon Z (Askari) finished fourth in the Gucci Gold Cup on Saturday. The Cup, was won by Patrice Delaveau who went 0.02 seconds faster than Mclain Ward on HH Carlos VHP Z (Chellano Z). Zekina Z and Jane Richard-Philips had finished in third place in the opening class and the best Z result in the GP came from Casallo Z (Casall) under Piergiorgio Bucci, the seventh place with one time fault. 

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