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Two Z-horses win the Belgian Cycle

22 / 07 / 2014
The last class at Gesves was definitely the heaviest of the nine Belgian Cycle rounds for young horses. The level rose steadily during the Cycle towards BC standards and this caused many drop-outs in the top of the ranking. In the 4-yr-olds only Gendy vd Begijnakker Z (Gracieux vd Begijnakker) had stayed clear in the ninth round. In Gesves came that rotten luck and so rider Andres Vereecke had to share the cycle’s victory with three other combinations, which had had faults before, but had gone clear at Gesves. Melanie Gelin realised eight clear rounds on two horses in nine classes. Alain Colette from Ecurie Schreiber, being the winner, can now start Carmen du Toultia Z (Copin vd Broy) directly in the BC finals in Gesves next month. Hopefully to be continued… The Z-horses Gendy vd Begijnakker Z and Carmen du Toultia Z were both bron at their curtrent owners Antoine Keisse and Fabien Schreiber.

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