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Who will be the next Champion of Belgium?

15 / 09 / 2017
The Belgian national championship has always been an important event in Belgium. ‘Do you know anyone who does not want to be Belgian Champion?’ all the riders say. They still attach great importance to the event. Former Champion Pieter Devos had done his utmost last year with Espoir. In the BC he showed that he could well handle it and Espoir showed that he is a championships horse. Last month they confirmed this with a fourth place in the EC. The reason that the Belgian Championship is so popular is due to its integration in the WC for Young Horses. It makes the BC a worthy and good level event.

This year Pieter Devos will start Claire Z, bred in the east of Belgium by Ralph Wansart. As a filly Claire Z (Clearway) finished thirteenth at the Z-Festival and was then sold in the Z Quality Auction. This season the 9-yr-old Claire made her debut on five star level….and after that the BC. However, the most fearsome competitor of Pieter could well be his own brother Wouter, who has lately constantly reached the podium with Tonik Hero and now desires the title in the BC.

Gudrun Patteet has chosen Sea Coast Atlantic du Seigneur for the purpose, which reached the podium at Zangersheide already seven years ago, as World Champion of the 7-yr-olds. Several other former champions, such as Cor vd Wateringhoeve (Karel Cox) and Fou de Toi vd Keihoeve (Gilles Dunon) will also be there. They have to contest against the new talents of Constant Van Paesschen (Carlow vd Helle) and Wilm Vermeir (DM Jacqmotte).

It will be a great event next week!


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