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Z-Festival 2017 : not one, but four locations!

09 / 05 / 2017

Z-Festival 2017 : not one, but four locations!

Studbook Zangersheide exists 25 years and is growing all over Europe. With almost 4,300 registered foals in 2016 we reached an absolute record. Also the Z-Festival in Lanaken was splitting at the seams in the last few years; in 2015 there were 406 foals entered, in 2016 as many as 619. An increase of 52%, no less! In order to serve our breeders even better and especially to show our gratitude to our breeders for their trust in our studbook, we will as from this year also organise the Z-Festival across the borders.

Z-breeders will be able to show their foals in 2017 at 4 locations at the Z-Festival. At each of those locations foals will also be selected for 3 foal auctions; 2 ‘Z Online Auctions in August and the Z Quality Auction during the WC in September.


09 July 2017                       Z-Festival Germany

We start our European tour in Marl at the Rohmann family. Marl, town of birth of Christian Ahlmann, lies in the heart of Westfalia, a region where loyal Z-breeders have been breeding Z-foals for years.


13 – 16 July 2017              Z-Festival Belgium

The traditional Z-Festival in Lanaken will, as in 2016, be a 4 day event. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday the foals will be assessed. On Sunday it is the turn for the 3-yr-olds in free action. On Saturday and Sunday also the 4-, 5- and 6-yr-old horses will jump their classes to qualify for the Belgian Championship in Gesves and for the 5- and 6-yr-olds the World Championships in Lanaken!


29 July 2017                       Z-Festival The Netherlands

High up in the Netherlands, in the province of Drenthe, lies the village Westdorp, which will turn blue and yellow on 29 July. A great many showjumping horse breeders are living in this region and the fine accommodation of Reinie Tewis is the ideal basis for the Dutch Z-Festival!


06 August 2017                 Z-Festival France

We complete our European tour on 6 August in France. In the Loire region, not far from Nantes, the castle of Haras de Hus will provide the background for the French Z-Festival. Host Xavier Marie has been breeding high level showjumping and dressage horses for many years and he is a loyal supporter of Studbook Zangersheide.  




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