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Carpediem EDM Z

Z-horses win everything in Fontainebleau.

07 / 09 / 2015
After Et Cetera Z (ET Cryozotech Z) winning the championship for foreign 4-yr-olds in Fontainebleau, our products now also wrote the championships for 5- and 6-yr-olds to their name. In the 5-yr-olds the first place after the finals of the Cyclue Classique went to Carpediem EDM Z (Chippendale Z) ridden by Diouf Paco Manadou. This horse was born in France at EDM Stables. Carla du Banney Z (Clintissimo Z) finished sixth. In the 6-yr-olds victory went to Cherisma Z (Clinton) ridden by Axel Van Colen. Cosima de Pleville Z (Conca d’Or Z) ridden by David Jobertie finished in fourth place.  

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