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Zangersheide and BWP will follow their own road

04 / 10 / 2013
At the initiative of BWP, BWP and Zangersheide have quietly explored last year if they could realise a certain combination between them, with the intention to have the Belgian showjumping horse promoted by one studbook. The talks were constructive with mutual respect. In the end, however, both parties unanimously agreed that the water between them is too deep. Zangersheide and BWP each have a fundamentally different structure. Their respective administrative bodies were to dissimilar to come to a combination that both studbooks can live with. Administrative problems barred the way towards the concept of one new studbook. Too many restrictions would not guarantee the efficiency and decisiveness which breeders need. Or it would take too much time to arrive at a final statute. That is why BWP and Zangersheide decided in mutual agreement to each go their own way, in all friendship and as the best of colleagues. Zangersheide and BWP sincerely wish each other a lot of success. 

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