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Casallo Z third in GP Windsor

15 / 05 / 2016
On the Lord Z product Creedance, a barely 9-yr-old from Stephex Stables, Kent Farrington won the 1.60m GP of Windsor. In this GP the American rider beat the public’s favourite John Whitaker on Argento (Arko III). Piergiorgio Bucci claimed the third place on Casallo Z (Casall). On the Saturday Kent Farrington and Creedance had also won the 1.55 class and here Piergiorgio Bucci and Casallo Z also finished in third place. On the Wednesday it had been Piergiorgio Bucci’s turn to win the GP of Valkenswaard. In that GP Niels Bruynseels finished sixth on Cas de Liberté Z (Cracky Z), who had also finished in second place on Monday in the grand tour.  

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