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SBS accepts two Z-stallions

11 / 03 / 2014
Two stallions registered with Zangersheide were licensed for the Waloon studbook sBs. This is Pollux de Muze Z (Plot Blue x Calato Z) bred by Joris De Brabander and co-owned by Clement McMahon from Ireland. Also Tinka’s Hero Z (Tinka’s Boy x Caretino) bred by Luc Henry and presented by Vincent Jourdan was accepted for breeding. It was a succesful weekend for breeder Luc Henry. Also at Zangerheide one of his horses was accepted, Akarad Hero Z (Aganix du Seigneur). He was one of the favorites. Studbook Zangersheide accepted as many as six Z-registered stallions. Corinjo Z (Coriano Z x Carinjo) is owned by Studfarm Zangersheide and was bred by Louis Wouters. Unbreakable Z (Untouched x Centauer Z) was bred by Van Enckevort from St-Oedenrode and is now part-owned by V. Hoof, Biest and Van Enckevort. Mr. Quality (Mr. Blue x Casall) was bred by Koen Terryn and is owned by Datcha Invest. Charlemagne JT Z (Cachas x Carthago) was bred by his owner Johan Thijs and Quando vh Exelhof Z (Quantum x Contender) was successfully presented by his breeder Werner Essers.

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