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Z-horses winning World Cups in USA

27 / 10 / 2014
The best American riders shared the booty among themselves in the prestigious President’s Cup, the World Cop of Washington. Four made it to the jump-off. Mclain Ward and the best lady rider of the Washington show, Jessica Springsteen, had a double clear. Mclain Ward won on HH Carlos Z, the former Carlos VHP Z (Chellano Z) from Nicola Philippaerts. Springsteen came second on her relatively new Davendy S. Fastest four faulter Beezie Madden finished in 3rd place on Simon. The Washington International Horse Show is organised in the fairly small Verizon Center, just over one mile from the White House.
Also on the other side of the USA, in Del Mar, California, a Z horse won a World Cup last night. This was the famous mare Regina Z (Rex Z) under Harrie Smolders from Stal Euro Horse, winning the Cup with the best points. Smolders also finished third on Enjoy Louis, but does not get any extra points for this.

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