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08 février '23

Elcup Van Beek II Z and Corneska de La Falize Z on the GP podium in Opglabeek

Elcup Van Beek II Z


After a free weekend, there was also again some international action on Belgian soil last weekend and more specifically in Sentower Park, Opglabbeek. Here too, the CSI2* GP was a success for our blue/yellow colors and we got not 1, but even 2 Zangersheide horses on the podium.

The 2nd place went to the Belgian rider Sacha Beghuin with the 11-year-old stallion Elcup Van Beek II Z, a breeding product of Guido Herrijgers who combines the blood of Elvis Ter Putte with that of Armitage. Beghuin and Elcup van Beek II Z were one of the 8 combinations that managed to qualify for the jump-off and they secured silver after a clear round in 39.06 seconds.

With that performance they did more than a full second better than the French rider Guillaume Foutrier with the 10-year-old grey mare Corneska de La Falize Z (Cornet Obolensky x President – ​​B: Alain and Remy Gilson). They also managed to ensure a clear round and with a finish time of 40.31 seconds they were good for a 3rd place in the ranking. But also the days before, Foutrier and Corneska de La Falize Z were already placed twice. Both during the 1.45m class on Thursday and during the Longines Ranking class on Friday, they jumped to a 4th place in the ranking.

Those who also were placed three times in Opglabbeek were the Colombian rider Santiago Diaz Ortega and the 9-year-old gelding Amabassador Z, a son of our chestnut stallion Aganix du Seigneur Z and Illustro who was bred by Jos Lansink. Diaz Ortega and Ambassador Z jumped the days before to a 5th place during a 1.40m class and to a 2nd place during a 1.35m class and were also one of the combinations that managed to reach the jump-off during the CSI2* GP. In that jump-off they saw a pole roll out of the cups and that ensured that they ended up in 6th place

Furthermore we also saw 2 other Zangersheide horses in the top 10 of the rankings with a 7th place for the Belgian rider Dominique Joassin with the also 9-year-old stallion Bingo Z (Balou du Rouet x Nabab de Rêve – B: Sprl Olvier Risselin) and a 10th place for the French rider Edouard Coral with the 10-year-old mare Catimini Z (Crown Z x Rosire – B: Cecile Cosson).

Before the start of the CSI2* GP, there was also a 1.40m class on the program on Sunday in which the Belgian lady rider Charlotte Philippe was placed with her 13-year-old mare Cacharel de Amoranda Z (Corlensky G x Lord Z – B: Felipe De Azevedo & Amelie Geradon Luiz). Philippe and Cacharel de Amoranda Z kept it clear in both the 1st and 2nd phase and this performance earned them an 8th place in the ranking.

Furthermore, the Belgian rider Gilles Dunon managed to jump into the spotlight with the 15-year-old mare Quinta V T Hornesele Z (Quidam de Rêvel x Lys de Darmen – B: Luc De Naeyer). Both during the 1.35m class on Friday and during the 1.40m class on Saturday they they jumped to a 4th place in the ranking.

During the 1.35m class on Friday, victory went to Belgian rider Koen de Waele with the 11-year-old gelding Simply Magic Kdw Z (Scendix x Caretino – B: Kdw Horses). They finished in the 2nd phase in 27.58 seconds, which put them just under a full second ahead of the competition.

Finally, during the opening day on Thursday, there was also a podium place for the Belgian rider Nico Baerts with his 10-year-old home-bred gelding Casillias van het Slogenhof Z (Crowntano Z x Versace van de Ruitershoeve). During the 1.40m high speed class he managed to ensure a flawless round and this performance was good for a 3rd place. Guillaume Foutrier finished 9th in this class with the 9-year-old mare Toscane Z (Scuderia 1918 Tobago Z x HH Radco – B: Guido Bellemans) while Gilles Dunon took 10th place with the 10-year-old gray gelding Comanchero de Poteau Z (Comilfo Plus Z x Coronado – B: PGMBH Hammes).