15 juillet '23

Chiamantina Vd Berghoeve Z and Chantano RB Z are the winners of day 2!

Chantano RB Z (1)

© Wil Smeets

After a very successful opening day yesterday, today it was the turn of the second group of fillies and colts to make their appearance at our Z-festival in Lanaken. The foals were born between April 15, 2023 and May 15, 2023.


Just like yesterday, this morning from 09:00 AM it was first the turn of the fillies to enter the ring from and a total of 33 foals were presented here. The victory in this second series went to the foal Chiamantina VD Berghoeve Z, a daughter of Chacco Blue and Diamant de Semilly who was bred by Paul van den Bosch. The dam of Chiamantina VD Berghoeve Z is the mare Hiamant van 't Roosakker, who is also the dam of the stallion VDL Groep Elegant Hero Z (Echo van 't Spieveld), who jumps at 1.60m level with the Dutch rider Leopold van Asten , and of the 1.45m horses Kerswin van 't Roosakker (Echo van 't Spieveld) and Ganesh Hero Z (Gemini XX). Hiamant van 't Roosakker is also the full sister of the mare Mom's Gatoucha Van't Roosakker, who in turn is the dam of the GP horses Tinkoucha Hero Z (Tinka's Boy), Attoucha Hero Z (Aganix du Seigneur Z ) and Alana Hero Z (Aganix du Seigneur Z).

Chiamantina VD Berghoeve Z (1)

The silver in this series of fillies went to Scendra Van 't Laar Z, who was bred by Fattoria - Freijzer Bvba. Scendra Van 't Laar Z is a daughter of Hunter's Scendro and comes out of the mare Odiamant van 't Laar (Diamant de Semilly), who currently jumps at 1.45m level under the saddle of the Belgian rider Viktor Daem. The grandmother of Scendra van 't Laar Z is the mare Vienna VIII (Clearway) and she is a half sister of the stallion PKZ Contact van de Heffinck (Concept 2) and of the 1.45m level horses Ohlala Vh Kluizebos (Jamal vd Heffinck) and Prestige vh Kluizebos (Scuderia 1918 Halifax van het Kluizebos).

Scendra Van ’t Laar Z

For the foal Fleur MK Z there was a third place in this series. Fleur MK Z was bred by René Koopmans and combines the blood of Farfelu de Muze with that of Converter. Grandmother Saterday MK is also the mother of the 1.50m horse Quintos MK Z (Quintender 2) and the grandmother of the 1.50m horse Ben Hardy (Black Jack).

Fleur MK Z


During the second series of colts, 53 foals were presented to our jury this afternoon. In the end it was Chantano RB Z who most convinced the jury of his qualities. Chantano RB Z was bred by Ruddy Bogaerts and is a son of Corydon Van T&L in combination with Clintissimo Z. Grandmother Cannes Van T&L (Kannan) is also the dam of Julie Vd Verbindingshoeve (Kashmir Van Schuttershof), who jumped at 1.50m level with the Finnish lady rider Janna Jensen, and a half-sister of the GP horses Deadalus Van T&L (Salvador V) and Its Lotto 111 (Der Senaat 111).

Chantano RB Z (2)

Second place in this series went to the foal Chaplin Vd Berghoeve Z, a son of Chacco Blue and Carthago Z who was also bred by Paul van den Bosch. Dam Baluka Hero is also the dam of Dream Alive Hero (Erco van 't Roosakker), who jumps at 1.45m level with the Belgian lady rider Patricia Guery, Angelika Hero Z (Aganix du Seigneur Z), who jumps at 1.50m level with the Canadian rider Sam Walker and Tender Dream Hero Z (Thunder van de Zuuthoeve), with whom Mathieu Guery became Belgian Junior Champion a few weeks ago.

Chaplin Vd Berghoeve Z

Finally, the foal Amedé Z achieved a third place in this series. Amedé Z was bred by Daphne Bosmans and Maarten Verwaest and is a son of Amadeo Van 't Vossenhof Z in combination with Warrant. He comes from the same dam line as the gelding Chopin (Verdi TN), who jumped at 1.45m level with the British lady rider Chloé Aston. 

Amedé Z