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Zangersheide Online Foal Auction

13/07 - 16/07/2024

Foal Online Auction 1

Zangersheide Online Foal Auction

17/08 - 20/08/2024

Foal Online Auction 2

Online Auction Foals Sired by Zangersheide Stallions

31/08 - 03/09/2024

Foal Online Auction 3

Zangersheide Quality Auction - Young Horses (freejumpers & ridden horses)


Quality Auction Young Horses

Zangersheide Quality Auction - Friday Foals


Quality Auction foals friday

Zangersheide Quality Auction - Saturday Foals


Quality Auction foals saturday


The selection for the Zangersheide foal auctions is in full swing!

Do you have a beautiful, correct and well-moving Zangersheide foal you would like to sell? Register now for one of the upcoming selection days.

Foal Selection Day General

Foal Championships

The Zangersheide Foal Championships will take place again this year in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Belgium. During these foal championships, your foal also has a chance of receiving an auction selection for one of the Zangersheide auctions. Register now for one of the foal championships.

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Practice evenings

Every 2nd Tuesday evening of the month

To help you to assess your horse’s potential in a calm and professional setting and together with our team devise a plan for the future. We offer you this opportunity every 2nd  Tuesday of the month.

Freejumping at the ages of two and three is an important element in the selection and assessment of a young horse. For many breeders this represents the first confirmation whether or not they have chosen the right combination of stallion and dam and often this is a milestone in the career of a sport horse. But what’s the best way to start freejumping? And how should I assess the horse? Is it going to be sold? Are we keeping it for the sport? 


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