Stallion Approval Deauville (F) 2024 – Rules

Stallion Approval of Studbook Zangersheide with a view to acceptance into the Zangersheide stud service 2024 is held on 2 and 3 March 2024 at the Pôle International du Cheval Longines - Deauville (PIC), France.


Conditions of entry

The approval is open for all 3-yr-old and older stallions (from birth year 2021) registered with a recognized studbook (WBFSH member) and with documented origins over four generations.



To enter the selection, the online form on our website has to be completed and the demanded documents need to be sent to us before February 14, 2024.

The following documents need to be submitted for entry:

• a copy of the pedigree of the stallion and, when available, a copy of the pedigree of his dam;

• data demonstrating that the stallion comes from a family which can be considered attractive for showjumping horse breeding, as well as official information about the possible licensing status of the stallion with other studbooks;

• for 5-yr-old and older newly to be licensed stallions, proof of own sport and/or breeding performance, confirmed by the NF of the country in which such performance has taken place;

• for all newly to be licensed stallions, a clinical report (available on, to be filled out by your veterinary) and 16 X-ray images of technically sound quality, specifically

- a front and back and sideway view of both navicular bones;

- a lateral-medial (sideways) image of the four fetlocks;

- two images (one front and back view and one lateral-medial view) of both hocks;

- one lateral-medial image of both knees.

These x-rays shall not be older than one year



After registration, a pre- selection based on the X-rays will be made by our veterinary committee. The pre-selected stallions will then be invited to come to the approval.



All stallions invited to the approval must have been vaccinated against influenza, tetanus and rhinopneumonitis. A vaccination certificate must be shown on request.


Selection obligations


To be newly licensed, the following obligations must be met:

a. 3-yr-old stallions: conformation selection as shown in hand and in free jumping (namely, in over a cross with pole in front and at one stride an upright which will eventually be built into a sloping oxer);

b. 4-yr-old stallions: conformation selection as shown in hand and in free jumping or jumping a standard course (at the owner’s choice - please state this choice on the entry form);

c. 5-yr-old to 12-yr-old stallions: conformation selection as shown in hand and jumping a standard course. EXEMPTION: exemption can be granted by the selection committee for jumping of the standard course, if written proof is given by the relevant sport federation that the stallion has started at international level and/or national level at S- (D-NL) or A-level (F), has had three wins or five placings (first up to and including fifth place);

d. 13-yr-old and older stallions: conformation selection as shown in hand and assessment of the own performance and/ or performance of offspring. The selection committee will assess these data based on written proof submitted by an official body (sport federation and/or studbook). These stallions are exempted from jumping the standard course.


The selected stallions belonging to the categories mentioned above under a, b, c and d are obliged to undergo veterinary examination (clinical and X-ray) before being allowed to offer their breeding services. This examination in connection with a first licensing is performed by a veterinarian designated by Studbook Zangersheide. The conclusions of the designated veterinarian will be definite. The DNA profile of all licensed stallions will be recorded. All newly to be licensed stallions shall be measured upon presentation of their original passport.



Stallions approved for Studbook Zangersheide VZW at the age of 2, 3 or 4 years, must be confirmed if they reach the age of 5 in 2024, in order to be approved for life. This approval can be granted after participation and evaluation by the jury in the standard course or after evaluation by the jury of 3 videos of different competitions of the stallion. Also, for these stallions, a list of achievements must be submitted, issued by the sports organization of the country where the achievements were made.


Costs of the selection

The costs of selection for newly to be licensed stallions is € 500 to be settled as followed: • € 100 excl VAT registration with X-rays • € 400 excl VAT when invited for the approval (after X-ray examination) The costs of selection for already licensed 5-yr-old stallions amount to € 250 excl VAT to be settled upon entry.

The costs of travel and accommodation are covered by the stallion’s owner. The stallions invited to the selection can only stay at Deauville if the stable reservation is made at the time of entry! The costs of stabling amounts to € 42 Euro per day (€ 57 for wood shavings), to be settled upon arrival. All persons presenting and accompanying the stallions during the viewings must wear a protective helmet and a correct Z outfit (blue top and blue jeans).

Stallions to be licensed will be accepted in and under the rules of Studbook Zangersheide VZW. as laid down in the Technical Rules. No appeal is possible against the judgment of the jury. Presence and participation are at the owner’s own risk. Neither the organisation or its staff, including veterinarians, shall be liable for damage and/or accident. The organisation reserves the right to change programme rules, if necessarily or desirable, interrupt and/or cancel the approval if unforeseen circumstances should so require. The organisation shall not be held liable in any way in this respect, also not towards third parties.

Anything not provided for in the rules will be decided by the management of Studbook Zangersheide whose decision shall be binding. By signing the entry form, the owner declares to agree with the above conditions.