Zangersheide Foal Championship France 2024

Zangersheide Foal Championship / Z-Festival
Location Pôle international du Cheval Longines - Deauville
13 Dynamite de Kreisker AE Z



The Zangersheide Foal Championship returns to France! On 7 July, Pôle International du Cheval Longines in Deauville will be the stage for foals that will be presented one by one to an international jury and the public.

For one day, Deauville will be the epicentre for breeders for whom this foal championship is more than just presenting their own foal. It is an important and educational day. A learning moment for the breeder who can exchange experience with others while the foal is being brushed, groomed and transported for the first time. How do they cope with a new environment, how do they react to public. All learning experiences for the foals. It is no different with breeders. Where do they stand with their breeding? How does an independent jury judge their foal? And what have their colleagues bred?

During this foal championship, there are also chances to the auction selection for one of the Zangersheide auctions.

It is clear that breeders and dealers value the Zangersheide Foal Championship for various reasons. We hope to welcome you here this year as well!

Please note, before registering for the foal championship, your foal must be registered with Studbook Zangersheide vzw.

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