15 June '23

New life – Quality And Fun Z (Querido VG Z)

New Life
New Life at Studfarm Zangersheide

In Poland, Agnieszka Olszewska is manager of the Jakubowice sport stable. She also organizes shows, is a small-scale breeder and competes in jumping competitions herself at 1.45m level. This year Agnieszka combined her own mare Gulana with Querido VG Z. "Gulana had some experience in the sport when I bought her. She has a very temperamental character and that caused problems, which prevented her from jumping at a high level. However, her jumping qualities are incredible and also her previous offspring gave me the idea that I could use her genes well for my small breeding."

Querido VG Z

Agnieszka chose the stallion Querido Z. "I was naturally impressed by his sport qualities. I love it when horses have a natural forward drive and go over the jump with a lot of power and speed. In my opinion, Querido took the best qualities from his sire Dominator Z and combined that with lots of reflexes and a modern build through his Chellano dam. This stallion gave me the confidence that I could breed a modern jumper with the right size and a fine character."

Querido VG Z

On March 26, the colt Quality and Fun Z was born. Especially the color immediately caught Agnieszka's eye. "It is a completely black colt. He is very tough and his physique looked very promising from the very first days." Agnieszka has already made plans for this colt. "I definitely want to keep him to see how he will do in the sport. Hopefully we can jump courses together in the future. His name is Quality and Fun Z, I wish the same for him with all my heart."