28 March '24

Registration of your new-born foal

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Registration of your new-born foal

Your long-expected foal has been born, congratulations! Now the time has come to register the foal. There are different guidelines for the registration of foals in Belgium and the rest of the world.



Since the 1st of April all studbooks located in Belgium come under the obligation to demand a detention number for the registration of foals. Due to privacy regulations concerning clients, the studbooks, including Zangersheide, are unable to access this number. Breeders have to provide this number to Zangersheide for the registration of their foal. So what are the steps for successful registration of your foal with Studbook Zangersheide? Here is a step-by-step guide:


1.       Creating a detention number via HorseID

HorseID is the data base of all horses within Belgium. The detention number is a prerequisite for foal registration. Creating a detention number via HorseID is the responsibility of owners. A detention place includes any potential location where the foal can be held. These can be stables/yards as well as fields, and asylums as well as zoos. It is essential to create this detention number prior to the registration of the foal. The detention number presents a map of where horses are held/housed in Belgium so that the horses will be traceable at all times.


How to create the detention number:

-          Go to HorseID.be and click on log in (extranet)

-          Log in with your HorseID account or create an account

-          Go to ‘My detention places’ and next click on ‘add’

-          Fill in all required data concerning the detention place

-          Go back to the page of ‘My detention places’

-          Is your status defined as ‘accepted’? Then you have received your detention number and you can proceed with the registration


Do you need more help to create a detention number? Scan the QR code below for an instruction video.



2.       Foal registration via Zangersheide

Once you have received the detention number you are ready to register your foal with Zangersheide. This information will be passed on to HorseID by Zangersheide. Next, HorseID will send you an invoice for their registration costs. This payment can be done online. After this payment has been received your chosen foal identifier can visit to sketch the foal, take hair samples and if needed, microchip the foal. Only veterinarians are authorised to microchip foals. Is your identifier a foal inspector? Then the veterinarian is required to microchip the foal prior to the visit by the foal inspector. Foal inspectors only come after microchipping of foals has been carried out.


3.       Passport and registration

Has the DNA been checked by Zangersheide, has the foal been microchipped and identified and has all data been reported to HorseID? Then Zangersheide can start processing the passport for your foal.

As soon as your passport has been fully processed it will be sent to you. The foal registration has now been successfully completed!


Foal registration outside Belgium

Procedures for foal registration outside Belgium depend on the member state in question. Generally, the foal can be easily registered via the website of Zangersheide. As soon as the foal has been registered via the website you will receive a sketching form. The veterinarian is required to complete the sketching form of the foal and to send us the microchip number together with hair samples for DNA verification.

Another option for foal registration is to ask the veterinarian to download the Zangersheide Horse Identity App and complete the foal sketch on the App. Following that, hair samples of both dam and foal have to be sent to Zangersheide for DNA verification.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our staff. They are familiar with the guidelines of individual countries and will smoothly guide you through the registration procedures.